About Us

The Cork Branch is one of the busiest Samaritan centres in Ireland. It is also the second largest. There are 21 branches in Ireland, north and south.

The Cork  branch opened its doors September 1972 and now has 220 active volunteers of all ages from college students, middle aged to retired people. Every year the Cork branch receive approximately 40,000 calls, with over 1000 people calling to the centre.

As well as talking on the phone people can also visit the centre between 9am and 10pm every day. If you feel you don’t want to call in or phone, you can always e-mail us at jo@samaritans.org.

We are also available to give talks to schools and other organization on the importance of emotional health. See our outreach page for more information

When supporting people, it’s all about listening, not telling callers what they should do about a particular issue. So, there’s no advice, and no judgement, just a listening and sympathetic ear. The Samaritans ethos is to provide “non-directive, non-interventionist listening”.

Samaritans volunteers are of all ages, with many of them under 35. They are not necessarily trained counsellors. The service is strictly non-denominational, with volunteers of all religions and none in the Cork branch. There’s a mix of men and women, and of people at all stages of life.

Every call and conversation is entirely confidential between the caller and the volunteer. We do not trace calls and never ask for a full name or address.